In Taylor McArthur’s Line of Sight, the terrain is the manifestation of the artist’s past experiences. The game is situated in the contemporary genre of walking simulators, which trade reward systems and fast-paced gameplay for contemplative immersion. The artist invites the player into her visual vernacular, a juxtaposition of digital naturalism with neon shapes and geometric patterns. Together these forms represent the artist’s own memories, while illustrating her particular perspective on reminiscence. Line of Sight is an immersive personal refection upon identity, memory, and their ties to the land. 


To navigate this project, use the W, A, S, & D keyboard keys to move, and the mouse to look in different directions


This game requires a Windows, macOS or Linux desktop or laptop computer. It is recommended to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or a browser that is WebGL 1.0 or 2.0 capable, HTML 5 standards compliant, 64-bit, and WASM capable. This game does not support mobile (iPhone, iPad, or Android) use.

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